Bare Reactive

Bare Reactive

What is it?

A wet suit that uses a responsive textile that continuously warms the diver using the diver’s body heat. The suit is made with Celliant® Infrared Technology — 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric lining that convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back onto the diver. Since there’s no minimum heat requirement needed to activate the infrared process, the suit is warm from the moment it’s donned and stays warm through the entire dive. The Reactive also incorporates Bare’s No-Stitch Technology — no seam stitches anywhere, as it’s all heat taped and sealed — so the diver stays drier. Also used is a proprietary neoprene offering Bare’s highest degree of stretch.

Benefits to your diving:

Comfort and warmth are important ingredients to a satisfying dive. The new Celliant technology, coupled with Bare’s No-Stitch Technology, makes the Reactive an intriguing choice in the wet suit market.

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