Waterproof D6

Waterproof D6

What is it?

A durable but lightweight dry suit billed as ideal for serious divers looking for a dry suit that is travel-friendly. The D6 is made with a RipStop nylon-based trilaminate, with a 100gr butyl coating. The new TIZIP flexible dry zipper reduces weight while allowing for a more flexible fit. A pair of XLITE Flexboots attached to the suit also reduces the overall weight but still provides durability and protection. The D6 also features latex seals and the Warm-Neck system with molded fastener tabs. The suit includes suspenders, has a telescoping waist with a crotch strap, and comes in six sizes for men and six for women.

Benefits to your diving:

Besides the benefits of downsizing your travel load, like when dealing with airline weight restrictions, a lightweight suit also provides flexibility and a more freeing feeling underwater.

For more details about the D6 or to contact the nearest Waterproof dealer, call toll-free 800-482-2282 or check out waterproof-usa.com.