What is it?

Swimwear designed by a female scientist to accommodate the needs of women in water-related activities. The swimwear line includes shirts, bottoms, hair covers and accessories and is made of fabrics that are chlorine-proof and scientifically tested for UV protection. Tops come with an adjustable waist so they can be tightened before entering the water and loosened after exiting the water. Hair covers โ€” available as an accessory โ€” combine modesty and sun protection by providing full coverage of head and ears. The swimwear is designed to conform to the Islamic modest dress code and not be revealing, skin-tight, or see-through; be safe and comfortable to use; and be fashionable and reasonably priced.

Benefits to your diving

If you prefer a modest dress code around the water or want to take extra steps to protect yourself from the sun, Splashgear is a solution worth considering.

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