SEAC USA’s Komoda Full Wet Suit

SEAC USA’s Komoda Full Wet Suit

What is it?

SEAC USA’s new KOMODA full wet suit is constructed with Yamamoto® neoprene giving the comfort and fit that a diver wants to stay warm and comfortable in all diving environments. Add the Super-Elastic Extra Flex nylon outer lining and you have a super-stretch wetsuit that keeps you warm in the most challenging conditions. To even further enhance diver comfort, the suit is offered in 5-mm and 7-mm thicknesses, and comes in 14 men’s sizes and 9 women’s sizes. Additional features include SEAC’s fast evaporation Dry Fiber interior lining, and the dual cone smooth skin ankle and wrist seals with YKK® zippers. Anti-abrasion polyurethane knee coverings and secure waterproofing with a water barrier zipper system add to the durability of the suit design and minimize water flow through the suit for better insulation.

Benefits to your diving:

The Komoda is a flexible wet suit loaded with features designed to keep you warm and comfortable.

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