What is it?

If the diving industry gave awards for innovation, this product would top the list. Greenprene™ is a 100 percent neoprene-free and sustainable insulating foam. The insulating foam is incredibly warm, super stretchy and ultradurable. Greenprene™ insulating foam provides excellent resistance to UV light and is significantly lighter in weight than traditional neoprene materials. Greenprene™ is formulated from deproteinized natural rubber along with other natural additives such as sugar cane, plant oils and oyster shells. The result is a sustainable bio-based insulating foam that has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) BioPreferred® program as a USDA Biobased product.

It goes beyond the foam. The AQUA-SILK™ exterior fabric laminate is manufactured from recycled water bottles and the inner lining is a recycled BIO-SPAN™ fabric laminate, also manufactured from recycled water bottles. The fabric was tested and selected for its durability, abrasion and Velcro® resistance as well as its fast drying properties.

Greenprene™ wet suits will allow you to move freely without restriction, while keeping you warm and comfortable in the most demanding conditions. Greenprene™ wetsuits share the same anatomical fit and patterns that have been proven in the Henderson Thermoprene Pro lineup, and have minimal seams with large Greenprene™ panels, to keep you warmer longer. The suits are offered in both men’s and women’s back zip full suit styles in a large range of sizes and thicknesses from 3mm to 7mm. All components on the Greenprene™ wet suits pass Cal Prop 65. Greenprene is available in sizes: XS-3XL, ML, MT, LT, XLT, MS, LS, XLS.

Benefit to your diving:

The Greenprene™ Wet Suits by Henderson will allow you to enjoy your favorite sport knowing that you are doing so in a sustainable manner. You will be protecting the oceans you love while staying warm and comfortable. Also, if you have sensitivities to standard neoprene, Greenprene™ may offer you an alternative. Request a sample of the fabric for you and your allergist to test.