WPSKIN by Waterproof

WPSKIN by Waterproof

What is it?

The WPSKIN diveskin is a product developed by Waterproof to add to their rashguard line. Their new skin fully covers both arms and legs increasing its ability to provide added warmth, act as a greater sun shield in warm water and provide better protection from stinging organisms. The Lycra is snug to minimize water movement, but super stretchy enough to fit all body shapes. The WPSKIN has wide thumb and foot loops to hold the suit in place if you are using it under your wet suit. The seams are flat locked for comfort and a YKK Vislon back zipper is corrosion-free.

Benefits to your diving

If you are diving in water too warm for a regular wet suit and in need of sun or rash protection the WPSKIN is the solution. And if using it as an under-layer to your wet suit, it not only adds additional thermal protection, it also reduces the effort of donning your wetsuit.

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