Bare’s Nixie

Bare’s Nixie

What is it?

A women’s wet suit that combines sleek, slimming lines and fashion-forward colors with Bare’s trademark Secure-Lock construction, Skin-In Flip Seals at the mid-forearm and mid-calf, all wrapped in full-stretch neoprene and an ergonomic fit for extra comfort. “Our goal with Nixie was to create a wet suit for every woman that not only looks and feels great on her, but also inspires and feeds her spirit of adventure,” says Tyler Dickman, brand manager for Bare. The Nixie is part of Bare’s new Women’s Collection and available in 10 sizes; 7mm, 5mm and 3/2mm; and colors of Glacier Blue, Pink and Black.

Benefits to your diving:

Women and men divers share a love for the underwater environment but their needs for comfort and style are quite different. With its new Women’s Collection, Bare is the latest manufacturer to take a closer look at what women want.

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