Aqua Lung’s Rogue BC

Aqua Lung’s Rogue BC

What is it?

The Rogue buoyancy compensator (BC) is a minimalistic design that allows personalization by utilizing Aqua Lung’s patent pending ModLock™ connectors. The Rogue’s interchangeable size and accessory configuration allows divers to customize their gear to their particular need. The BC has a 35 pound (15 l) lift capacity, SureLockII weights, two folding pockets and stainless steel D-rings. It has easy-to-disconnect and reattach shoulders and waist that can create 27 possible sizes and the overall weight is less that 5 pounds (2.2 kg). The GripLock™ tank band has a patent pending finger-saver feature and macro presets create a solution for securing and detaching a cylinder. The new three-position bladder retraction system pulls the sides of the bladder in during deflation, which allows the unit to remain streamlined and reduce drag.

Benefits to your diving

The ability to configure the Rogue BC to fit your diving needs and your personal style, allows comfortable function along with stylish form. Although it has a streamlined design it still has ample lift capability.

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