What is it?

The Atomic Aquatics BC2 is the new design by Atomic Aquatics that builds on the same engineering and materials used in the popular BC1. BC2 is constructed from an exclusive, and tough double-laminated polyurethane coated waterproof fabric. The custom matte-finish fabric is coated on both sides and is completely waterproof. It is virtually dry immediately after a dive and will deliver years of durability. The BC2 is neutrally-buoyant and a special silicone retraction band, connected to the outer flotation cell, expands then cleanly retracts into a protective sleeve under the weight pocket. The patented EZ-LOK Integrated Weight Release System enables divers to quickly, easily load weights while in or out of the water. Each of the two zippered weight pouches can hold up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of hard or soft weights and they smoothly glide into the weight pockets and lock into place — one-handed tug on the handle is all it takes to release. The ratcheting CAM-LOK Tank Band and Backpack allows divers to mount and secure the BC2 to a wide range of tank sizes in just seconds using a system that is similar to the bindings on ski boots allowing for quick adjustments. Other features include a diamond pattern quilted backpad, an adjustable lumbar pad, stainless steel D-rings with titanium PVD coating, a replaceable inner bladder and sand-resistant pocket zippers. The BC2 is black with red accents comes in sizes S, M, ML, L and XL.

Benefits to your diving:

Atomic Aquatics BC2 delivers balance and comfort. Because it is neutrally buoyant no additional weights are required to offset positively buoyant materials and the silicone band material dries quickly. The inflator and safe second options are sold separately, allowing divers to choose the option that suits them best and not pay for items that may not match their diving style.

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