What is it?

ExoWear is a new line of lightweight and neutrally buoyant exposure-protection garments that provides maximum thermal warmth and skin protection. Designed for watersport adventures, such as scuba diving, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, ExoWear is BARE’s most versatile line of full suits, jackets, tops, pants, shorts and accessories — all of which can be layered interchangeably. The OMNIRED™ infrared technology in the suit’s fabric converts your outbound body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to your body for thermal warmth. The three-layered fabric protects with materials that are water repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying and wicking. And one of those layers is made of Microban® anti-microbial material with hydrophobic technology and quick-dry fleece coatings — which means better smelling gear and a suit that dries rapidly. Because freedom of movement is essential in the water, ExoWear’s four-way stretch provides more elasticity and breathability. The gear comes in both men’s and women’s styles in a wide variety of sizes.

Benefits to your diving:

BARE ExoWear has an inner layer that has a durable water-repellent finish to provide a protective shell that sheds water, absorbs less water and decreases drying time while preventing wind chill. And with the diversity of styles and sizes, every diver will be able to find the best fit.