DiveNav’s Cootwo


DiveNav’s Cootwo

What is it?

A dual-gas oxygen and carbon monoxide analyzer designed for divers. In addition to an oxygen sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor, Cootwo also includes a temperature sensor and an ambient pressure sensor used to improve accuracy.

Cootwo can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. The user can program it, calibrate it and perform analyses. Upon completion of an analysis, the smartphone creates a log automatically. Cootwo can also be used as a stand-alone device, as it includes its own display. Cootwo contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is compatible with the My Nitroxbuddy app, which is already available for both iOS and Android devices.

Benefits to your diving

Cootwo allows divers to analyze both oxygen and carbon monoxide content of a tank without having to use two different analyzers, saving money, time and space.

For more information about the Cootwo, check out divenav.com.