Ikelite’s Magnified Viewfinders

Ikelite's Magnified Viewfinders

What is it?

Camera viewfinders designed to position the viewing window farther away from the underwater camera housing without changing the viewfinder image size. Both the straight and 45-degree viewfinders work with digital single-lens reflex and mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. Since the viewing angle is consistent with normal camera use, the straight viewfinder is easier to grow accustomed to than the 45-degree viewfinder. It’s also preferred when shooting over-under shots (half in, half out of the water). The 45-degree viewfinder provides a different experience. Since divers are typically in a horizontal position underwater, viewing the frame at an angle reduces arm fatigue and often makes framing easier when the subject is slightly below and/or tucked into the reef. The 45-degree viewfinder rotates to any angle, so it’s simple to switch between shooting landscape, portrait or just about anything in between. Two versions of the 45-degree viewfinder are available to suit a variety of camera models.

Benefits to your diving:

The magnified viewfinders provide a brighter, larger image with less vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image) as compared with the standard Ikelite viewfinder. The 45-degree viewfinder helps you frame your shot and helps save your arm strength.

For more information about the magnified viewfinders or to reach the nearest Ikelite dealer, call 317-923-4523 or visit ikelite.com.