SeaLife Screen Shield

SeaLife Screen Shield

What is it?

A waterproof screen protector for underwater cameras and housings with a 2.4-inch or smaller LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen, such as the SeaLife Micro HD or GoPro. The high-transparency, ultra-thin film goes unnoticed while guarding the display against scratches, dirt and fingerprints. The Screen Shield can be applied to the underwater housing or directly to the LCD screen when using the camera outside the housing. The touch screen will maintain full capability with the Screen Shield in place. The protector is easy to install and leaves no residue behind when removed. Its hydrophobic coating repels water, and the protector will stay in place on the camera down to 330 feet (100 m) below the surface. Each package includes two screen protectors, dust removal tape, cleaning cloth and instructions.

Benefits to your diving:

A protective shield can be a wise investment to ensure your camera screen steers clear of scratches and other damaging elements.

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