Mares Prestige MRS Plus

Mares Prestige MRS Plus

What is it?

A buoyancy compensator improved in function and looks after an in-depth study of the BC’s shoulder and chest area. For starters, the Prestige MRS Plus is modified for better fit. The Ergo Control is enhanced to give divers even better control of the BC’s inflation and deflation. It also features three-dimensional self-draining pockets with zip closures, rear trim weights, and many other details designed to give divers a more enjoyable experience. The BC includes a bladder made entirely of Cordura. Updated cosmetics and attractive style bring a fresh new look. The Prestige MRS Plus comes in six sizes and weighs 9.2 pounds (4.2 kg).

Benefits to your diving:

A better-fitting BC improves the ease in which you can move through the water. Inflating and deflating is easier as well, with a device made easier to control.

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