Zeagle Halo

Zeagle Halo

What is it?

A buoyancy compensator (BC) designed for the serious recreational diver looking for a fully featured BC, the manufacturer says. The Halo is the only jacket-style BC equipped with the patented Ripcord System, which comes with a new ergonomic handle design, and the Personal Fit System in the shoulders, which provides versatility and comfort. The Ripcord System is based on a proven system used by skydivers. The Halo also comes with an adjustable and compensating cummerbund, two large accessory pockets and seven stainless steel D-rings to accommodate multiple accessories. The Halo is made of 1000 denier/urethane bladder material, and the pocket, shoulder, harness, cummerbund a mix of 1680D heavy-duty and 420/PU material.

Benefits to your diving:

The patented Ripcord System is hard to beat and if you’re looking for a BC with multiple features the Halo should be on your radar.

For more details about the Halo or to contact the nearest Zeagle dealer, call 888-270-8595 or go to zeagle.com.