Outlaw Buoyancy Compensator by Aqualung

Outlaw Buoyancy Compensator by Aqualung

What is it?

The Outlaw buoyancy compensator (BC) is designed for divers seeking a minimalistic gear package. It has no pockets, no steel D-rings and features a simple backpack. An interchangeable back-inflation bladder is available in 12 pounds (5 l) and 25 pounds (11 l) lift capacities and features a lower right pull dump. A bladder retraction system keeps the unit streamlined and reduces drag. Interchangeable shoulder and waist strap components have ModLock™ connectors allowing you to create 27 different size configurations for a truly custom fit. The patent-pending GripLock™ tank band makes it easy to secure the tank to the BC. Four soft webbed D-rings, like those found on military gear, offer multiple points for attaching accessories. The Outlaw’s overall weight is less than 4 pounds (1.8 kg). It is available with an optional patented SureLock II™ Weight System and trim pockets.

Benefits to your diving

You can configure the Outlaw BC to fit your body and your diving style. The lightweight, streamlined design reduces drag while still providing ample lift.

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