What is it?

The Mares Magellan is a super lightweight back mounted buoyancy compensator (BC) designed specifically for the travelling diver. The back mount design is an air-cell separated from the harness, resulting in unrestricted freedom of movement It has a foldable backpack with reduced dimensions when packed, a marked weight reduction compared to a traditional backpack and the integrated rubber pads provide a secure grip on the tank. Although it only weighs 5 pounds (2 kg) in a size small/medium it delivers 41 pounds (18.5 kg) of lift. A high quality, compressible and durable material is used on the shoulders, back and weight pocket areas for greater comfort. There is an integrated quick release weight system that uses simple release buckles. The included weight pockets vary in size depending on the size of the BC you purchase. XL includes two 13 pound (6 kg) capacity pockets and 9 pounds (4kg) for the M/L and XS/S. The Magellan allows you to use weight pockets that can be placed on the back tank-fastening strap (optional) to hold a trim weight for better weight distribution. A large folding and self-draining pocket is positioned on the right side of the cummerbund. Two 40 mm aluminum DRings are located below the weight pockets and two 25mm D-Rings are on the shoulder straps. The patent pending concave curvature shoulder straps have an ergonomic shape, designed to meet the needs of both male and female divers. Sizes range from x-small to x-large.

Benefits to your diving:

The Magellan Travel BC design team focused on weight reduction and improved comfort while not sacrificing any of its lifting power. With airline weight restrictions becoming increasingly tighter, it is nice to be able to have a lightweight choice that allows for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

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