TUSA ’s BC0201 Conquest II

TUSA ’s BC0201 Conquest II

What is it?

A buoyancy compensator (BC) incorporating a hybrid 3-D bladder design, which provides increased lift capacity, and TUSA’s Advanced Weight Loading System (A.W.L.S. II). The second-generation A.W.L.S. includes a newly designed ergonomic handle grip and quick-lock feature. Divers can release the weight cartridges with ease by simply turning the handle grip vertically 90 degrees in either direction. The BC0201 also features a new harness system, which provides impressive tank stability and improved buoyancy control. The Conquest II comes standard with TUSA’s Active Purge Assist System and enhanced lumbar and backpad for maximum comfort. Other features include four dump valves, four stainless and four resin D-rings, knife grommets, and two zippered pockets.

Benefits to your diving:

Better lift capacity, tank stability and buoyancy control, plus the ability to easily remove weights, especially in an emergency, make the Conquest II a BC that commands a closer look.

For more details about the TUSA’s newest BC or to contact the nearest TUSA dealer, call 800-482-2282 or visit tusa.com.