Scubapro’s Litehawk

Scubapro's Litehawk

What is it?

A lightweight, back-floatation buoyancy compensator (BC) built especially for dive travel. Featuring an ultraslimmed-down design and a soft, flexible backpack, the Litehawk’s lightweight, low-profile shape lays flat for packing, making it appealing for travel. The adjustable belt-style waist strap with nylon buckle can be cinched up snug. Add the quick-release rotating shoulder buckles that let you route the straps under your arms, plus the two-position sternum strap, and you end up with a BC that hugs your body like it was custom-made for you.

Underwater, with the tank secured by a lower primary tank band, an upper support strap and an adjustable yoke strap, the entire system locks in, ensuring a controlled, stable ride at depth. The BC carries no inherent buoyancy so only minimal ballast weight is required. Consequently, the two nonditching pockets can be used either to carry ballast weight or accessories. Optional quick-release pockets are also available, and four aluminum D-rings provide convenient clip-on points for additional gear.

Benefits to your diving:

The Litehawk provides a streamlined package that travels easy and delivers a comfortable, stable ride at depth, making it well suited for both tropical- and temperate-water travel diving.

More details about the Litehawk are available by contacting your local Scubapro dealer. Call 619-402-1511 or visit