THE PALAU PLEDGE is a world-first eco-initiative that requires all visitors to the country to sign and make a commitment to protect Palau’s natural environment and respect local traditions. The island nation has seen a huge growth in tourist numbers in recent years. With so many visitors, the government recognized the need to make these visitors accountable for their actions to avoid significant environmental damage and cultural disruption. The Palau Pledge will be a mandatory part of the immigration process for anyone entering Palau. All visitors must read the pledge and sign their name, committing to make an effort to protect the country’s natural environment and preserve local traditions for generations to come. They will also have to sign a conservation contract as part of the official government arrivals form notifying them of Palau’s conservation laws and the penalties for breaking them. All Palau Pledge materials, including the immigration stamp, have been translated into five languages consistent with the inbound visitor markets of Japan, U.S., Korea, Taiwan and China. By doing this, visitors will be able to clearly understand what is expected of them. The Palau Pledge was created in consultation with the Palau Government and the island’s youngest citizens, its children.

The Pledge is available online at

In addition, an in-flight short film will be shown (see video above).