Covers from July 2002

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Our reverse covers have been a staple of Dive Training since the very first issue. They actually began in 1988 with our aviation magazine, Flight Training. We started that publication in a crowded and competitive field, and wanted readers and the industry to know that Flight Training took a completely different approach to aviation publishing. The rest of the story is that early on we didn’t have enough advertising to fill the cover positions, so we got creative. The reverse covers, some conceptual reverses and some actual, became very popular, and the publication’s trademark.

They quickly became a trademark of Dive Training as well. Each cover illustrates a story in the issue, and the photographers and illustrators faced interesting challenges as they took great care with the creation of each. Here is a complete library of the 297 covers (and counting!) — the front and reverse. View the covers by selecting a year from the list on the left (at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device). To see the cover’s reverse, hover your mouse over the image (if you are on mobile, tap the images to reveal the reverse cover).

76 Reverse Covers Later – How It All Began for This Photographic Couple
Scuba Diving | Dive Training Magazine, July 2002
Scuba Diving | Dive Training Magazine, July 2002