Marty Snyderman

    The Big Kahunas: Hawaii’s Sharks

    Surfing. The Beach. Waikiki and Diamond Head. Rainbows, rain forests and waterfalls. Volcanoes. Coffee. Romance. The list goes on and on when people share…

    The Story Behind the Lucky Shot

    Shortly after returning from a recent trip to Cozumel, I showed this image of a mouth-brooding male yellowhead jawfish at a local dive club…

    Pelagic Magic: Diving in the Middle of Nowhere

    When it comes to careers in diving, I think I have been as fortunate as anyone who has ever donned a set of mask, fins and snorkel. After all, in a career that has spanned more than 35 years and 10,000-plus dives, I have made my living traveling the globe with my cameras and pen to help tell the story of the world’s oceans. I am not claiming to have seen or done it all, but my “been there, done that” list is getting pretty long. The beauty of diving is that the opportunities are limitless — I still have a long list of places I want to visit and animals I have not yet photographed.